My Best/Favorite/Interesting Work:

  • ThingLink Project
    • I liked this project an thought it was interesting how we got to research parts of our topic.
      We got to know a little more about our topic. We got better into it and found it interesting.
      The big size is only fixed it you zoom out.
  • Listicle
    • I thought it was interesting how so many animals were going extinct. Also that so few of a species exist. And the fact that poaching really puts damage not only on the animals being poached but others, too. With so many species going extinct now people will not try to stop it before its two late.
  • Guatemala
    • I thought this project was super interesting. I never knew that the country was so closely related to the US. Also that the ruins there are a huge tourist attraction. So are the many volcanoes in Guatemala.

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