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My Best/Favorite/Interesting Work:

  • Peru - "Pure Latin America"
    • To learn more about "Latin America", all students were assigned a country to research. All of my research is in a table below the final video. With our research, we were supposed to make a video advertising the country. The "commercial" is supposed to be like a "Pure Michigan" ad, but more informative. Our video didn't have to include all of the research, just enough to educate the viewer on the country we had.
  • Artists Comment on the World Around Them - Current Events
    • At the beginning of the year, everyone selected a "current events" topic. I chose art - specifically graffiti or street art - for my topic. My research is driven by this question: how do artists in different parts of the world use their art to comment on the world around them? This page includes one project and many news articles on different people making graffiti that expresses their views on some problems in the world. For each news story I chose, I wrote a 3-bullet summary of the news story and a connection/question I had about the topic.
  • Top 6 Cities to See Street Art - Listicle
    • This was an assignment for current events (my topic is explained in the paragraph above). For this post, we had to make our own "listicles" - or articles that include lists - after we researched and found examples of them. My "current events" topic is about street art/graffiti. I listed 6 cities that I found to have the most interesting street art. I included pictures as examples for each city.

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