A Zambian Young Entrepreneurs Story

Camilla and Olivia

They want...

'to provide quality, environmentally friendly fuels with the aim to facilitate growth in industry'

Story facts-

  • He looks for new contacts and investments to help support and grow his bio-fuel company
  • It started with 7 employees but now has 2
  • At first, they collected waste cooking oil from restaurants to recycle into bio diesel and natural soap but this is now in short supply
  • He is waiting for the local authorities to implement a ban on the irresponsible disposal of used cooking oil, by authorizing registered businesses like mine to properly dispose of it through renewable energy, which would be a service to the community, as well as a help to my business
  • Without the raw materials and because of tough competition from the big producers, he has had to cut back my staff to two and produce only soap with the vegetable oil I collect myself
  • Him and his friends are helping each other invest new opportunities
  • "Education and training are important but opportunity is a bigger factor."
  • His plan and ambition is to buy land on which to grow his own castor beans for oil and produce bio-fuels, create jobs for other young people and help the Zambian economy

Zambia facts-

  • Climate zones
    • Tropical wet and dry
    • Semiarid
  • Vegetation Zone
    • Tropical grassland
  • Population density
    • Between 0 and 50 people per sq mi
  • Land use
    • Subsistence farming
    • Nomadic herding
    • Livestock raising
    • Forestry
  • Resources
    • Precious metals (gold,silver,copper)
    • Uranium
  • Zambia has been rated high in use of both solar power and hydroelectricity

Mutoba Ngoma facts-

  • He is 28 years old
  • He first started his business in 2006 when he was 21
  • He started it after being inspired by a TV documentary on renewable energy in Brazil
  • He put the project on hold for a while to work as an aircraft technician at Zambian Airways Limited
  • Then they went out of business and he came back to the bio-fuel idea
  • His alternatives were few, as formal, decent employment opportunities are hard to come by in my country
  • In fact, a vast majority of young workers are in the informal economy
  • He is a young entrepreneur with a professional background in aeronautical engineering from the UK
  • He has worked for 2 years as an aircraft maintenance planner
  • Since leaving employment he started a business called Tapera Industries Limited, in the renewable energy industry
  • His vision is to increase Zambia's fuel supply sustainability and to help provide stable employment opportunities
  • His portfolio includes a sit on the board of directors for the Biofuels Association of Zambia, consultancy for the Alliance for Youth Entrepreneurs, attending the ILO youth employment forum as an employer respresentitve, and conducting a live biofuel webinar for ILO's Youth Employment Network on the experts corner
  • He is a founder and CEO of Tapera Industries Limited. A certified manufacture engineer and Board member on the Bio fuels Association of Zambia Board (BAZ).


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We used 5 different types of sources. We used the textbook, an encyclopedia, news source and a youtube video (like ted talks) and a company website.