Lydia and Micheal S

Ghana Bamboo Bikes

Founder- Bernice Dapaah


  • Animal Poaching
  • Warm Weather
  • West coast
  • Beautiful Parks (Nature reserves)
  • Little to no wildlife
  • Tawny eagle (The state bird)
  • African print fabric
  • Kente cloth
  • soups and stews
  • Maize, Fried fish, kenkey
  • Mainly Christan
  • 11 languages
  • Diverse
  • 98% are black africans

Ghana's Bamboo bicycle boom
  • "Sometimes people have to come to work for days without any light, we want to change that.
  • Our wish is that boomers will become a resource not only for bicycles, But also furniture, household items and even houses made of bamboo. we want to make this place a point where you come and get everything bamboo.
  • "We even managed to train people (How to ride a bike)."
  • "We were looking at how we can engage the youth in the right areas into a meaningful venture."
  • The bamboo bicycle is gaining traction in the country and one organization is riding this popularity wave to increase youth employment in the process.