Border Conflict

by Clayton
Group: OMB2, DFM2 and JHJ1
Topic - Border Conflict
Question - Can borders be controlled?
Theory - Border are uncontrollable and dangerous.

The United States and Mexico border is notorious for drug smuggling and crime. Many people try to cross the border everyday. Many of these criminals die trying and if they do successfully cross without dying or going to prison they cause havoc in the U.S. There are two types of criminals that try to cross. The first type of crosser is the ones who are looking for work and jobs. These crossers usually do not have criminal record in Mexico.The second type of crossers are ones who have criminal recorders and are involved with gang violence. All and all, the borders are unsafe.

One big difference between the two crossers is that there are a lot more of the second type of crossers. Which doesn't boat well for the United States. All and all the crossers make the U.S worse and the border dangerous and unsafe. In 2014 there was 290,000 illegal crossers. There are 8.5 million Mexican-born people in the United States. This shows you why the borders are unsafe. The crossers are the ones who make the border unsafe. Many of these crossers will do anything to get a-crossed.

Many people think we should not spend money on the border situation. This is one of the biggest issues in the U.S right now and I think we should fix it. Also people think the illegal immigrant are helping the U.S. Many of these that are looking for work are taking Americans jobs. At least 60,000 people killed in drug-related violence from 2006 to 2012. This proves my point that the border are totally uncontrollable and unpredictable.

I think that we should up the border security and crack down on the crossers. We should also keep our eyes on how many crossers cross in one year after we up the security to see the change in the numbers of how many cross. This will also help us know if we are fixing the problem of hurting it. Keeping this data should tell us all we need to know about how safe the borders are. My last suggestion about how to make the border safe is to spend the government money on cameras and technology to help the security police.

All and all, the security is not good enough and is unsafe. Hopefully the people of the United States will now understand why we need to spend money on the border. There are two many illegal immigrants in the U.S and are taking jobs from U.S citizens. The borders are unsafe and unpredictable because of the Mexican gang violence coming into the United States.

Noob Questions

  • Why do we need borders?
    • We need borders to keep out drugs from other countries that can potentially hurt the USA.
    • Also we need border to keep out terrorist groups from other places.
  • Most dangerous border?
    • I think the most dangerous border is the American/Mexican border because of all the drugs that are being smuggled.
  • Why are some borders more dangerous than others?
    • Some are more dangerous because they don't allow certain people a crossed for certain reasons.Some countries don't have borders.
  • Why are borders so dangerous?
    • Borders are dangerous because some illegal people try to smuggle drug a crossed the borders. Witch makes it hard for the border police.
  • What would happen if the U.S declared war on Mexico?
    • I think that this would cause a lot of conflict around the border! This would put the border towns in danger.
  • Why do so many people from Mexico want to cross into the U.S?
    • I think people want to come here to find jobs that they can not find in Mexico and also they want to get a better an education here.
  • Why do people from Mexico smuggle drugs into the U.S?
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  • What is the percent of people that die when crossing the border?
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  • How many people a day cross the border and why?


U.S Border with Mexico

Draft Posts

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My project is about U.S border with Mexico. The project is telling about the crime on both sides of the border. A lot of drugs are coming from Mexico. Witch is making the U.S more dangerous. I hope that this stops. Most of the crime is organized crime. He is really hurting the border towns. Since October of last year, federal agents have recorded more than 500,000 arrests of illegal border crossers.

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My questions

  • What is the most dangerous border?
    • American/Mexican border
  • What is the most important border?
    • US/Mexico border because of all the drugs and criminal people that try to cross the border.
  • Why are some borders more dangerous than others?
    • Because of the crime rate in those cites
  • Do certain people control borders?Are borders controllable?
    • The country with the stronger military usually control the border.
  • Why can some people cross but others can't?
    • Their criminal record, this would make them not able to cross.


  • Argument 1: The border are not safe.
    • Side 1: Borders are safe
    • Side 2: borders are not safe
    • Side 1: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 2: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 1: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 2: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view

Annotated Resources:

  • France must control its borders - Lord Howard
    • France must control its borders better to stem illegal immigration to the UK, ex-Home Secretary Lord Howard has said.
    • There is an increased police presence in Calais after scores of illegal migrants tried to storm a ferry bound for Dover earlier this week.
    • There are large-scale, organized, people-trafficking criminal gangs who are bringing the people here.
    • borders controllable?
  • US issues warning to Russia over military drills near Ukrainian border
    • The US has warned Russia that military exercises planned near the border of Ukraine could “lead to miscalculation”
    • Biden promised Ukraine’s new leadership the full support of the US, a White House statement said.
    • Earlier on Thursday heavily armed men, some holding rocket-propelled grenade launchers and sniper rifles, reportedly took over the local parliament in Crimea’s regional capital, Simferopol.
    • How long as this conflict when going on?
  • DHS Is Using GPS-Enabled Ankle Bracelets to track immigrants** illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S.
    • Because we are really targeting the crime that facilitates illegal immigration — automobile theft, identity theft, human trafficking
    • he twin declarations free up disaster aid money– $1.5 million for Arizona and $1.75 million
  • On Opposite Sides Of Israeli-Gaza Border, Feeling The Same Fears
    • For the Abulbul family, shelter is an underground concrete bunker.
    • They share this single room with all the neighborhood families, 30 or 40 people in total.
    • There's no plumbing or air conditioning, and the shelter is sweltering.
    When did this conflict start and why? When will it end.
  • ACT OF WAR? Mexican Military Crosses Border; Fires on U.S.
    • U.S-Mexican border. There have been numerous instances of the Mexican Army crossing the border into the United States and firing on American citizens
    • Border Patrol indicated that no one was injured during this direct attack on U.S. Border Patrol.
    • U.S. Border Patrol agents are contending with increased attacks by the Mexican Military
  • U.S. border crisis may hurt harvest, farmers say
    • Over 20,000 U.S. farms employ more than 435,000 immigrant workers from Spanish-speaking countries
    • South Carolina has seen the greatest percentage increase in Hispanic population
    • “Because we’re not a border state, it’s definitely harder to get people over this far from the border to work,”
    • Is this ALL legal?
    • The two U.S. cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants and the lowest crime rates
    • Crime has also dropped across the border in Ciudad Juarez
    • Safest border towns in the world
    • El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California
    • Why are these cites the safest?
  • Mexico–United States border
    • The 1,969 mile (3,169 km) international border follows the middle of the Rio Grande.
    • There are 45 U.S-Mexicoborder crossing with 330 ports of entry.
    • The region is characterized by deserts, rugged hills, abundant sunshine, and two major rivers.
    • Have borders been around forever?
  • U.S.-Mexico Border Disputes
    • Mexico. U.S. law enforcement officials say Arizona and New Mexico’s porous 350-mile border
    • Border towns have been plagued by violence, much of it from organized crime.
    • since October of last year, federal agents have recorded more than 500,000 arrests of illegal border crossers
    • How can we stop illegal crossers?
  • Where China Meets India in a High-Altitude Desert, Push Comes to Shove
    • The disputed border region between india and china attracts troops from both countries
    • Two weeks ago the Chinese sent an unusual number of military patrols into the mountains of Ladakh
    • Indian military officials protested. The Chinese stayed put. India protested again.
    • Do these two countries have a history of not liking each other?
  • We shouldn’t militarize the U.S.-Mexico border
    • we should not militarize the border
    • we should not send troops to the border
    • We could be using the troops for something else.
    • Why should we send troops?
  • In India, state border dispute leaves 18 dead
    • Now 18 people are dead and 10,000 are without homes
    • When a 1,000-strong group of protesters marched to a police station in Golaghat town, the police beat them with batons and lobbed tear gas shells at them.
    • Police said they started shooting only after the mob charged with bamboo sticks
    • What started the conflict?
  • Croatia, Slovenia sign border dispute deal
    • The prime ministers of Croatia and Slovenia signed a deal Wednesday to settle a long-running border dispute.
    • Kosor said that she and Pahor had established a "close and trusting relationship"
    • "Today we have not just turned a page, we have opened a whole new book," said Kosor.
    • What set off this conflict?
  • Drone carrying 3 kilos of meth crashes near US-Mexico border
    • This connects with my story because this happen around the U.S border with Mexico. Also this is a big problem around the border. This is a border conflict witch needs to stop. If this isn't stopped then illegal immigrants will be able to smuggle drugs a crossed the border.
    • Six packets of meth, weighing about 6.6 pounds, were taped to the underside of a six-propeller drone
    • A drone carrying meth crashed into a parking lot at a shopping center in Tijuana on Tuesday.
    • This isn't the first time Tijuana police have seen drones used to transport drugs.
  • East African Man Caught Trying to Cross Texas-Mexico Border
    • This connects with my story because it's about the most dangerous border in the world in my opinion. Thousands of people are trying to cross the border everyday. In this case an East African man gets caught. This is a problem that the border as and needs to stop.
    • African nation trying to cross illegally into the U.S.
    • The problem, one agent explained, is that Border Patrol has been given no clear protocols on handling situations like the Ebola outbreak.
    • an incident they say highlights the risk posed by the unsecured border particularly in the midst of an Ebola epidemic.
  • Border security, yes, but without the National Guard
    • The U.S borders are not secure, we still need better border control. If the border was secure then why do we still have drug smugglers crossing and illegal immigrants.
    • The deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops last summer amid a dramatic surge of migrants from Central America. This is true, they did deploy these troops for border control.
    • The state has spent nearly $1 billion on border security since 2008. This is also true.
    • How can we officially say that the borders are secure?
    • Can we say that the borders are secure when we have no more illegal immigrants?
    • How do we know when the borders are secure?
  • U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Grows More Dangerous
    • Do you think that the border will always be like this?
    • How many people have died at the border attempting to cross illegally?
    • The number of people apprehended illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is down more than 25 percent. This is true.
    • It's been a steady 200 bodies a year. This is always true.
  • Border Security
    • terrorists and their weapons from entering the U.S.
    • CBP deploys highly trained law enforcement personnel who apprehend more than 1,000 individuals each day
    • CBP's border security mission is led at ports of entry by CBP officers
    • Also at ports of entry, agriculture specialists are deployed to protect U.S. agriculture
    • Is border control/conflict one of the biggest problems now a days?
  • 5 Reasons to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants
    • what's wrong with granting amnesty to hard-working, tax-paying individuals
    • Indeed, amnesty is not only the best solution to our immigration problem
    • It’s not the immigrants, but the taxes, spending and entitlements
    • Are we letting immigrants in or not? right now