By Kyle
Peers: Emma, Hunter, Micheal

Topic- Border Conflicts.
Question- Why do border conflicts occur.
Hypothesis- Border conflicts occur when country's want more land or power.

Argumentative Essay

For my current events project I chose the Russian-Ukraine border conflict. This conflict started last year when Russia annexed Crimea but it was Ukraine’s land so the Crimean’s had a vote and Russia won Crimea. To make matters worse, Malaysia flight MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine and recent evidence shows that Russia shot down flight MH-17 but Russia tried to make people believe that Ukraine shot it down. My claim is that Russia is not content with only possessing Crimea. I believe Russia wants to invade Ukraine. Ukraine is not prepared for military conflict with Russia for the following reasons:
1) Hoping for peace with treaty.
2) They have not asked for Ally support
3) Military no match against Russia’s military

My first reason is that the cease fire deal the signed in the late September is falling apart. When this deal was signed (according to a source) the treaty was violated 139 times in the first 24 hours, that’s about once every 10 minutes. Over the past months even with the ceasefire deal the rebels have taken over 1/4 of the eastern side of Ukraine. Tonight (6/4/15) the little town Maryinka which was under attack, would be a battle for ground in Ukraine for possibly many months.

My second reason that Ukraine is not ready for military conflict is that Ukraine has not asked a country for military support and they have said this conflict cannot be solved by military means alone. When Ukraine leaders said that they can’t solve this with military means alone why can’t you asked for help to fight this. Although sources say we shouldn’t send weapons because they are unskilled fighters, why can’t we send troops to help and teach how to use it. Also with the conflict raging on and the loss of land with no help and no ally support maybe in one year Russia will control half of Ukraine. The U.S. sending weapon’s is under consideration but the German Chancellor disagree along with other leaders fearing that sending weapons will “fiercely opposed lethal aid out of fear the violence could escalate.”

My third reason is that Ukraine’s military cannot face Russia’s alone because of Russia being the third strongest army in the world and Ukraine’s army being the 36th. Ukraine will have a hard time facing Russia seeing they only have 87 available military aircrafts. Also when Russia annexed Crimea they took over their naval power. This means that Ukraine will have to fight on land with 57,000 personnel and 686 tanks. Russia has about 880,000 personnel and 2,562 tanks. Another problem is that Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in a treaty but the nuclear weapons went to Russia.

Ukraine can rely on peace as long as their military stands ready. With not much left for Ukraine to do, war probably is on everyone’s mind. If things get worse many citizens of eastern Ukraine may want to move or hope for the best for their town or city but there is only 15% of Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine who want to be a part of Russia.

Noob Questions

  • Why is Russia attacking Ukraine
    • They wanted crimea which is a major exporting and naval area but they couldn't get it because of the U.S. and thats how it started.
  • Who ordered the attack
    • No one knows who ordered the attack but most likely it was Putin
  • How has Ukraine been Surviving
    • Ukraine has been surviving because of the weapons that have been supplied from other countries but the U.S. is only send blankets,night vision goggles etc.
  • What will Ukraine Do
    • Ukraine is try to negotiate with Russia with out full on conflict
  • Why is no one helping Ukraine
    • Russia sees Ukraine as a way to gain power in there country.
    • It is said that Putin planned the attack but he are not for sure.
    • Most of the Ukraine has a weapon supply but NATO had some how giving weapons to non-members.
    • Ukraine Plan's to talk to Russia for peace but they are planned to defend the country if needed.
    • Most people are afraid of Russia so they don't want to get into war with them.
  • What would happen if NATO got involved
    • NATO is a major part because its sending weapons and there vehicles to Ukraine. It has help defend the eastern part of Ukraine.
  • Do you think the US will be involved
    • I Believe that the U.S. won't send troops to Ukraine until something big happens or we get a new president who wants to send in troops if Ukraine holds on.
  • How are border conflicts in the middle east and the US alike.
    • There not to much similarities there isn't a large conflict of fighting and the U.S. isn't losing land to the border.


  • Argument 1: Why has Ukraine relied on talking to Russia rather than fighting them head on.
    • Side 1: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 2: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 1: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 2: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 1: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view
    • Side 2: Use a bullet to briefly explain their main view


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My Questions

  • Why are there some Russians helping Ukraine
    • Because they don't want Ukraine to be part of Russia or any part of Ukraine at all.
  • How are some Ukrainian's getting weapon's.
    • NATO has been suppling them but non-members are getting them to but NATO says they weren't supplying non members
  • Why can't the UN do anything to help.
    • It would cause a problem with the UN and maybe a new world war.
  • What does the US plan to deal with the problem
    • They have been giving them blankets, night-vision goggles and more but not troops to help

Annotated Resources

Nato members 'start arms deliveries to Ukraine'
  • Important Details 1 Ukraine's Prime Minister says that NATO is the only vehicle to protect the country from Russia, He and the west are accusing of Intervening in the west
  • Important Details 2 NATO gives weapons to Ukraine, But NATO never ordered any weapons to go to any non members in Ukraine.
  • Important Details 3 On Saturday, Ukrainian Prime Minister accused Russia of wanting to "eliminate his country," saying it is the "key aggressor" in the conflict.
  • Connection or Question How is Ukraine getting weapons from NATO.

Ukraine’s prime minister on obstacles to meaningful peace with Russia
  • Important Details 1 On Wednesday, President Obama told the U.N. that Russian aggression in Ukraine threatens world order.
  • Important Details 2 The Ukraine Prime Minister has been skeptical on if Russia is trying to recreate the Soviet Union or not but he said "knowing them, they will just try to pick the cherry, what they, want, but not what’s needed."
  • Important Details 3 President Poroshenko was in Washington last week and had this to say "In the Condition of war, the economy of Ukraine cannot survive.
  • Connection or Question Is this dispute become a world problem
Hungary Shuts Off Re-Export Of Natural Gas To Ukraine
  • Important Details 1 The supply disruption is of particular concern because of Ukraine's cold winters and it's reliance on natural gas for homes and buildings.
  • Important Details 2 Russia says EU states are contractually forbidden from re-exporting gas to Ukraine while Brussels insists that such 'reverse flows' are legal."
  • Important Details 3Hungary has "indefinitely" cut off its supply of natural gas to Ukraine, a move that Kiev's state gas firm has described as "unexpected and unexplained."
  • Connection or Question Why won't any country give natural gas to Ukraine

Ukraine, pro-Russia rebels agree to new ceasefire deal
  • Important details 1 Ukrainian President Poroshenko advocated before a joint session in Congress in Washington for greater support to his military, which has been battling pro-Russia rebels in the east
  • Important details 2 Ukrainian Parliament and the European Union made a economic and political agreement that include free trade provision but won't start until 2016.
  • Important details 3 President Poroshenko is stressed that the crisis in eastern Ukraine could not be resolved by military means alone.
  • Connection or Question Why can't help come now and not later.

Praising Rebels, Putin Toughens Tone on Ukraine
  • Important detail 1 Putin put a message on hi website saying, “achieved a major success in intercepting Kiev’s military operation,”.
Important detail 2 In the town of Novoazovsk, Ukrainian militiamen manned checkpoints. But evidence of a Russian presence was there, including unmarked Russian military vehicles with no license plates. A soldier on a truck greeted journalists by shouting in English: “Back in the U.S.S.R.!”
  • Important Detail 3 A takeover of Mariupol would go a long way toward helping the separatists gain control over land that would connect Russia to Crimea.
  • Connection or Question Russia seems to be planning create a new war.

Pro-Russian unrest in southern and eastern Ukraine
  • Important Detail 1 The dispute began when Russia moved people into Crimea
  • Important detail 2 Crimea sign a treaty with Russia so it must be a part of Russia now.
  • Important Detail 3 On 1 March 2014, exiled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych requested that Russia use military forces "to establish legitimacy, peace, law and order, stability and defending the people of Ukraine".[

PRO/CON: Should the U.S. send weapons to Ukraine?Kid Friendly
  • It says that Russia is increasing threats to the Baltic sea region like Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Luckily these countries are now part of the NATO alliance.
  • Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko told Congress recently with regard to U.S. non-military aid, “Blankets and night-vision goggles are important. But one cannot win a war with blankets.”
  • Russia does seem to be recreating the Soviet Union.

Ukraine election: Pro-Europe assembly emerging as ballots counted Positive
  • When this vote is done is might get rid of some of Ukraine's Major problems
  • Many Ukraine's are done with war and shelling's and hopefully for them this will stop soon.
  • The Crimean Peninsula didn't vote because of the annex from Russia
  • Why didn't Ukraine take this got before the war was getting worse.

U.S. and EU hail pro-West election outcome in Ukraine, Russia guarded
  • With the vote over the world bank expects the economy to shrink
  • This is the first time since communists haven't been in parliament since 1991
  • Separatists in big eastern cities are ignoring the election for there own on NOV 2 to make there call for independence stronger.
  • This Vote isn't a big deal for the separatists in Ukraine but for the world it's really big.

Top 10 Controversial Territorial Disputes
  • These country's have mostly fought for land, military, use so these are the main reasons
  • Seeing these border conflict's the smaller country have always lost there land like Palestine
  • Most places have had territorial conflict this maybe be what makes them large and small.
  • Will more Border conflicts occur in along period of time, Will it happen in the USA.

Russian president Vladimir Putin says West behaving like 'empire'; reassures Russians over economy\
  • He also ratcheted up his anti-Western rhetoric, accusing the West of treating other countries like their underlings.
  • "Our (Western) partners have not stopped. They decided that they are winners, they are an empire now and the rest are vassals and they have to be driven into a corner," Mr Putin said,
  • The European Union and the US have imposed several rounds of sanctions on Moscow over the seizure of Crimea and because of its backing for pro-Russian separatists in a conflict that has killed more than 4,700 people.

No military solution to Ukraine conflict, country's president concedes
  • There was a riot in Independence square on feb. 17
  • Kiev's Ukrinform news agency reported Monday that at least 400 fighters from the government side remain captives of the separatists
  • More than 4,700 people have been killed, many of them civilians, since the government moved in early April to oust the separatists from the institutions they occupied in Donetsk and Luhansk regions after Moscow annexed Crimea.
  • This country has been through a lot with Russia and it really needs to end.

Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin renews blame on West

Don' t Arm Ukraine
  • Sending weapons to Ukraine will not rescue its army and will instead lead to an escalation in the fighting.
  • The only way to solve the Ukraine crisis is diplomatically, not militarily.
  • You said that "Sending weapons to Ukraine will not rescue its army and will instead lead to an escalation in the fighting." but what if we send troops over to help who are trained to use that equipment and not send weapons to Ukrainians.
  • You said "The only way to solve the Ukraine crisis is diplomatically, not militarily." But what if Diplomacy doesn't work and Russia attacks again but greater how will they defend there country just on diplomacy.

Time to acknowledge that the Ukraine ceasefire is dead
  • According to reports, the separatists violated the agreement 139 times in the first 24 hours alone - almost once every 10 minutes
  • The agreement has also created a false sense of security in Kiev which has allowed the separatists to take the offensive against the Ukrainian military
  • Diplomacy always need to be backed by something, and on the face of it, supplying munitions might seem like the obvious threat to use.
  • Letting the separatists capture more territory could render the Ukrainian state unviable, a disaster for Europe.
  • You said "Mr Putin’s power games need disrupting now, since there is no telling where he will turn next." I agree that this is going to far and requires some deep concern on where he will go next, will it be Turkey or even Germany.
  • you said"The Putin regime could easily up the ante, confident that it could call the west’s bluff well before tensions reached the terrifying logical extreme of direct nuclear conflict." Which is could happen if there is nuclear conflict he might have to get involved.

Violence escalates in east Ukraine ahead of talks

Ukraine to rewrite Soviet history with controversial 'decommunisation' laws
  • Why didn't Ukraine get rid of these laws along time ago.
  • While the country struggles for its future in the ongoing war to reclaim breakaway eastern regions, a war is also being waged to reclaim its past.

MH17 crash: Russian challenge to rebel Buk missile theory
  • Why did the Russians need to show the Buk if many people would believe that it shot down MH17.
  • Until now speculation in Russian media has been dominated by claims that MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile fired from a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet.
  • Naming a new location, the report casts doubt on the town of Snizhne, where international investigators say a Buk missile launcher was seen being driven only four hours before the plane was shot down.