• Brazil became independent on September 7th 1822 when "prince Dom Pedro declared Brazil's independence from Portugal."(1)


  • Dilma Rousseff is 36th and current the president of Brazil.(2)

Physical features

  • The physical features include Highlands large rivers and mountains(3)


  • The average rainfall per year in Brazil is about 1782 mm. (4)


  • The population of Brazil is around 202,656,788(5)


  • Portuguese and Spanish are the two largest languages spoken(6)


  • the yellow and green background of the flag are taken from the flag of the republic of Brazil
    • Agriculture manufacturing and mining are there three biggest economic activity's.(8)
      • There GDP is $2.416 trillion.
      • An interesting fact is that they have the highest population in Latin America and it has the most deadly spider in the world seen below (9)
      • brazilian-wandering-spider.jpg
      • some interesting sights in Brazil are the pink dolphins in the rivers and the the amazing wildlife in the rainforest10
      • sat image from Google: po00075_c.jpg
      • A current event in Brazil was a shooting of a local surfer

  • Brazil summer games
  • The sumer olympics are going to be held in Rio in 2016
  • Lots of truism
  • might help the economy
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